This blog has been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Many warm thanks for the nomination to my dear talented friend,  writing blogger at Sunflower Solace Farm!  This is a warm, soulful blog about life after death – specifically about how a woman picks up the pieces and carries on after the death of her man.  She uses her fabulous sense of humor and her intense love for the liberal arts to express, while she crafts a very practical new life for herself.  I’m pleased to call her a long-time friend.

So, without further ado, I’ll explain a bit about this Sunshine Blogger Award:

  • the purpose is to acknowledge fellow “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” 
  • the requirements are to list 11 random facts about myself and then to answer 11 questions posed by the last recipient in this post.
  • nominate 11 blogs for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

I’ll warn you now, my creativity NEVER sparks on demand, and ‘random’ is surely one of those words whose meaning differs from person to person.  Just prepare to be lulled into your own random daydreams by the answers to follow.

11 Random Facts 

  1. During childhood, home alone with my siblings while my parents worked, I invented ‘milkshakes’ from whatever items I could cobble together from the kitchen inventory.  The basic requirements:  eggs, milk, sweetener.  The sweetener could be anything available, but our favorite was maple pancake syrup. Nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter were some favorite ingredients, but seldom in stock.  The mix was put into the blender and would come out frothy and cool (never mind those raw eggs, please!).
  2. During said childhood, I attended eight different schools by the time I began seventh grade.  During those changes, I missed out on learning some of the cursive letters; I also missed learning the US States and Capitals.
  3. I ran a business for a short period of time, initially begun as an errand service (in too small a location for there to be much demand) and it morphed into  a small business assist/house cleaning/professional organizing service.  I thoroughly enjoyed the variety and the people I worked for.
  4. My Love and I have nearly 100 nieces/nephews and great-nieces/nephews.  I keep a list of their names so I can keep them all straight!
  5. My fingers and toes are double-jointed, as are my hips.  I used to be able to ‘pop’ my elbows out of joint as well, but that’s no longer an option.
  6. I swear like a sailor!  Yes, yes I do.  (I’m keeping it clean here, as I’ve set this blog for a G-rated audience.
  7. My first car lasted less than a week before I totaled it – smashing head on into a concrete culvert and then flipping and landing upside down in a dry creek bed.
  8. I inherited my uncle’s ears – they’re not huge, but they stick out from my head like Howdy Doody’s.
  9. After I finished high school, my goal was to become a fashion designer.  I became a mother instead and have been ever so thankful since.
  10. I’m not random – not at all…
  11. Unless I’m drinking, then there’s absolutely no telling where I’ll go or what I’ll do or what I’ll say.  That’s why I don’t drink.  Scares the crud outta me.

11 Questions

1. What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up in the morning?

Turn off the alarm so that it won’t go off when the time comes, roll out of bed, don my appropriate gear (seasonal jammies) and MAKE COFFEE!

2. What is your greatest fear? 

To arrive first at a fatal accident scene.  I dread the thought of being called upon to be strong during the most tragic of moments.  I hope it never happens.

3. Do you have a new years resolution for 2014? 

Only not to make resolutions.  I prefer to think in terms relative to newly discovered (or admitted) flaws – figure out how to fix them when I find them, not by schedule.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?

I have to pick one?  OK.  It’ll have to be Marry Me by Train.  After 22 years of marriage, this is the song My Love chose as ‘our song’.  It makes my heart smile every single time I think about it.

5. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Camping in the Rocky Mountains with the family, chilly mornings, waking up in a tent after sleeping on a thick bed of pine needles, the crisp cool scent of that clean air mixed with the pine sap, the allure of the campfire, trekking with awe and childlike wonder, enjoying the comradery of group camping, singing nighttime songs by the campfire.

6. Facebook or Twitter? 

Facebook (I still haven’t taken the time to ‘figure out’ Twitter), but I’ve got a pretty sure handle on Facebook.

7. What did the last text message you received say?

Where’d you hide the body? Ok, you’re expecting serious here, right?  Yeah, still not going to tell you.  🙂

8. What bugs you the most?

Depends on my mood.  Sometimes everything.  Ironically, being the center of attention.  Admittedly, I like it at first, love it, feel the special warmth and glow.  Then I detest it.  It requires that I measure myself, inspect myself, compare myself.  That could be a quick downhill slide when I’m not appropriately geared for the intensity.

9. What do you consider to be the most important appliance in your house? 

The gas stove!  If the coffeemaker quit, the stove would be my emergency backup.  If there was a situation where we lost electricity for an extended period, I’d use the gas burners to boil water to make it safe, then go on a pressure canning frenzy to can all the freezer foods to save them.

10. If you could have one song that would play whenever you entered a room, what would it be?

The Remedy by Jason Mraz (yeah, figure that one out 😉 )

11. What’s your favorite movie quote?

‘Oooooh, Mufassa!’  from The Lion King.  Don’t ask.  I say it every time I encounter a dark situation that allows a bit a humor.

11 Nominees

And now, as if the previous bits were not hard enough, it’s time to make hard choices.  Therefore, after careful consideration and much gnashing of the teeth, the Sunshine Award nominees are (and I announce this with no pressure, no expectation for these bloggers to follow the rules, but more as an acknowledgement that I think what they post makes an impression – at some point, something or everything they’ve posted moved me, inspired me):

  1. chriscondello Green Thumb Vagabond
  2. When Timber Makes One Still
  3. Garden Walk, Garden Talk
  4. carrieblueberry jumpstart my kaleidescope heart
  5. Gleaner Hall Ltd
  6. Frugally Sustainable
  7. The Urban Homestead
  8. Sexkitten
  9. Pennies and Sticker for Eyes
  10. Social Introverts
  11. generalregi Romance of Five Clouds and Magical Poetry

And now, the confession:  Rebel that I am, I’m not telling these bloggers about the Award.  I’m simply placing them on my top list for you to peruse, for them to see if they trace the linkbacks or if they follow this blog.  Should they be so inclined, I hope they continue the process by following my lead (or the lead of the bloggers preceding mine.


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