sweet potato growth

I couldn’t help but snap this shot of new sweet potato growth.

Now, I’m enjoying the harvest.


PS – I’ve heard that these shoots are a delicious salad like treat.  Has anyone tried them?

7 thoughts on “Growth

      • Yes, they do, too! 🙂 Propagation is fun!

        Just you know, there are many different varieties of sweet potatoes, some are better for the tuber roots and some are better for its leaves. I sometimes purchase the yum leaves from grocery store and use the rough stems for planting. 🙂


      • I’ll have to do some studying. I’ve only seen one variety sold at the grocery store produce section, so I’ve used those organic tubers to plant. I do often see the plants for sale – is that what you purchase for stir fry?


      • The sweet potatoes usually just for its tuber, of course you still can eat its tender stems and leaves. The grocery sold green leaves with stems are mainly for its leaves but the tuber is not as tasty as the varieties mainly grow for their tubers.


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